New Wood Flooring Trends for 2017

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Every year the wood industry see new trends and styles. This year is no different and there are some great new trends becoming popular across the country. Wood may be a classic flooring choice but these trends are new and innovative.

Weather, reclaimed and barn wood are still popular this year and fit the sustainable category that many people are looking for in products. Hand scrapped, wire brushed and other hand crafted finishes are also popular and give the rustic look to newer wood. Cork, bamboo and engineered wood are growing in popularity as well.

People are also choosing wider, longer planks for new installs because it gives a really specific aesthetic. The wider planks add a unified look because there are less joint lines and the floor seems to flow more cohesively.

The color of stains are also an evolving area of the industry. Gray stains are still popular but natural wood and dark stained floors are growing in popularity. The dark stained floor look great with the white bright kitchen trends and are a beautiful option. Blonde wood is also a popular choice. Bamboo is a popular choice because of the blonde color of that flooring as well. Gray is remaining popular even after it was such a huge hit last year.

Matte or flat finishes are growing in popularity and many people like that they show less dirt and spots. Matte finish is a really beautiful option and fits into almost any home.

The installation pattern is also changing in 2017. Herringbone is gaining some stead as well as chevron. Herringbone adds a lot of style to even the most basic wood. Diagonal or angled wood floors are also a new trend. Installing wood on the diagonal adds a dimension to the flooring that is unique and fun.

Mixed plank size flooring is a great unexpected trend. It is simple but adds a really beautiful style to the floor.

Finally, American made or American grown wood is on the rise. People are starting to ask where their products come from, how they are grown and how they are milled. These questions and concerns are leading more and more customers to American grown products.

In the end the hardwood trends are constantly evolving and there is likely something out there that will work perfectly for your style and home.

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