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4 Flooring Trends to Fall In Love With

These flooring trends are up and coming in the US and may be the perfect option for your home.

  • Bamboo is a great flooring option but be careful calling it hardwood, its actually grass! Bamboo flooring is a high end trend because of the beautiful color and the strength of the engineered bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring doesn’t do well in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms but is great for the rest of the home.
  • Reclaimed wood is also growing in popularity. Reclaimed wood can truly be reclaimed wood from barns, old buildings or any other source of it can be designed to look like reclaimed wood in the factory. The new factory finished product adds a lot of style and charm to the wood with hand scraping, saw marks, wider planks and other salvaged looking designs. The factory produced wood has a timeless look while being much more accessible and affordable.
  • Cork is another growing trend in flooring because it offers the look of hardwood flooring but is softer and some people find it more comfortable to walk on. There are a lot of color options available for cork flooring and it is very durable. It can be susceptible to moisture damage and can fade in the sun.
  • American hardwood is also growing in popularity and is considered a great sustainable wood flooring product. North America works hard to replenish the forest when they cut down trees for products like hardwood flooring. Some of the American hardwood options are oak, hickory, maple and heart pine. Bamboo and cork flooring are typically sourced from around the world.

These trends in flooring are a great way to add style to your home with great products. Hardwood flooring also adds value to your home so you can rest assured that you have made a good investment.

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New Wood Flooring Trends for 2017

Every year the wood industry see new trends and styles. This year is no different and there are some great new trends becoming popular across the country. Wood may be a classic flooring choice but these trends are new and innovative.

Weather, reclaimed and barn wood are still popular this year and fit the sustainable category that many people are looking for in products. Hand scrapped, wire brushed and other hand crafted finishes are also popular and give the rustic look to newer wood. Cork, bamboo and engineered wood are growing in popularity as well.

People are also choosing wider, longer planks for new installs because it gives a really specific aesthetic. The wider planks add a unified look because there are less joint lines and the floor seems to flow more cohesively.

The color of stains are also an evolving area of the industry. Gray stains are still popular but natural wood and dark stained floors are growing in popularity. The dark stained floor look great with the white bright kitchen trends and are a beautiful option. Blonde wood is also a popular choice. Bamboo is a popular choice because of the blonde color of that flooring as well. Gray is remaining popular even after it was such a huge hit last year.

Matte or flat finishes are growing in popularity and many people like that they show less dirt and spots. Matte finish is a really beautiful option and fits into almost any home.

The installation pattern is also changing in 2017. Herringbone is gaining some stead as well as chevron. Herringbone adds a lot of style to even the most basic wood. Diagonal or angled wood floors are also a new trend. Installing wood on the diagonal adds a dimension to the flooring that is unique and fun.

Mixed plank size flooring is a great unexpected trend. It is simple but adds a really beautiful style to the floor.

Finally, American made or American grown wood is on the rise. People are starting to ask where their products come from, how they are grown and how they are milled. These questions and concerns are leading more and more customers to American grown products.

In the end the hardwood trends are constantly evolving and there is likely something out there that will work perfectly for your style and home.

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Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is popular feature in many homes but it is not without drawbacks. Hardwood covers a variety of flooring including strip, plank and parquet.

The Pros-

  • Hardwood is easy to maintain. Hardwood is durable and stands the test of time. Some homes even have 100 year old flooring in their homes because proper care and maintenance was used. Hardwood needs to be swept or vacuumed and cleaned with a mop occasionally making they very low maintenance.
  • The value of hardwood flooring is also a big benefit. Home buyers are generally more drawn to homes with hardwood and can help your home sell for more money. Builders consider hardwood an upgrade and buyers do as well.
  • Finally, the available styles are a great benefit of hardwood flooring. You can find a species and stain to fit your homes style. And if you style changes over time you can change the look by adding a stain or changing the stain.

The ­Cons-

  • The cost of hardwood can be a big drawback. Installing hardwood isn’t cheap but more homeowners thing it is worth it because of the increased value and appeal for their home.
  • Also, the occasional refinishing is a con for some homeowners. Hardwood doesn’t need much weekly or even yearly maintenance but ever few years it does need to be refinished. This process will disrupt your lifestyle for a few days and does have some additional cost. Depending on the type of coating or finish you use will affect how frequently you need to resurface your floor.
  • Finally, hardwood is nosier than carpet. If you live in a two story home you may want to think twice about adding hardwood to the upper floor. Rugs can help muffle the noise but it can still be a concern for some people.

In the end you have to decide if hardwood is the right option for you and your needs.  There are pros and cons to any flooring. WE find that hardwood is great for many homes as it adds warmth and that perfect feeling under our feet. Hardwood is simply – Timeless.

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What Type of Hardwood Flooring is Best for Dogs

If you have a furry companion in your home you may be wondering if there is a superior hardwood flooring choice. Trimming your dogs nails helps but if you have soft wood it can still be gouged by their nails. Some people choose laminate instead of hardwood but it can also scratch and cannot be repaired the same was hardwood flooring can.

Ipe or Brazilian Walnut is one of the hardest hardwood options out there. Exotics are generally the way to go when you are looking for a harder wood. Brazilian hardwood is generally harder and more dense than other woods and Ipe is a beautiful option. Ipe can also be used for exterior decks because it is so hard. Ipe is an exotic but is still relatively affordable for homeowners.

Hard Maple is also a great option for dogs. Hard maple is used for basketball and sport courts and can withstand a lot of traffic. Hard maple is a specific type of maple and also called sugar or rock maple. The Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association classifies hard maple as trees grown north of the 38th parallel.

Bamboo is also very durable. The strand-woven type of this flooring can test very high on the Janka hardness test. Bamboo is actually a grass not wood but within the flooring industry it can be classified as wood. The flooring is impregnated with lots of hard resins to make it a viable option for flooring. There is also a type of bamboo flooring that is called “Fossilized” and tests extremely high on the Janka rating.

In the end, hardwood flooring can be damaged by your animals but by keeping your dogs nails short, rugs in high traffic areas and choosing a strong wood you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Further more, if you choose a solid plank wood you can have the floor maintained professionally to eliminate and fill scratches each year.

You can read more about the hardesss of different woods. The harder the wood, the better for dogs. We also suggest a lower sheen, this will cause less light to diffuse on the finish and you will see less scratches!

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9 Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is beautiful and we want to highlight some of what makes it such a benefit to have in your home beyond the beauty. Below are 9 benefits of hardwood flooring for your home or office.

  1. First, hardwood flooring is straight forward when it comes to installation for professionals. Quality hardwood flooring is milled specifically to ensure it is uniform and fits together flawlessly. Unfinished flooring adds an additional level to this uniform installation as the professionals actually flatten the floor in your home.
  2. Hardwood is easy to clean. They don’t accumulate debris and dust the way carpet does make the maintenance even easier. You will need to vacuum or sweep them and mop them weekly to keep them looking good but it is easy and quick work.
  3. Hardwood adds a high quality look to a home. Hardwood flooring is aesthetically pleasing, elegant and adds a warmth to a home. It really never goes out of style and adds value to a home. Many people think hardwood elongates a home or makes it look more spacious.
  4. Additionally, hardwood is put through a process of drying in a kiln, milling, installation and finishing to add to its strength and durability. With the right care and maintenance it can last for years to come. It can be used in high traffic areas and work spaces because it is tough and hard wearing and offers great durability.
  5. Adding hardwood to your home is also a great investment. Hardwood does increase the value of a home making it a great resale investment.
  6. There are so many flooring choices and varieties when it comes to hardwood that there is bound to be a look that works for your style. Hardwood comes in different species, colors, styles and stains so you can find the perfect fit for your home.
  7. The acoustics associated with hardwood are also great. They done give the hollow sound or vibrations that other flooring can.
  8. Air quality is also improved with hardwood over carpet because it doesn’t trap allergens the way carpet or grout do. If you have allergies wood flooring may be the perfect solution to improve your air quality.
  9. Finally, hardwood flooring is truly ageless. Carpet styles and tile patterns change but hardwood stays constant.
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Why You Should Paint After Hardwood Refinishing

When scheduling your remodel project you may wonder if you should have your home painted before or after your hardwood refinishing. We advise that you save the painting for after the flooring project for a few reasons.

When refinishing your hardwood there are a lot of big heavy machines being moved throughout your home, dust, and our professionals have to move up against the walls to reach certain parts of the flooring.

The four big reasons to wait include-

  • Possible bumps and nicks. Edgers can bump against the base boards and scuff the paint. Generally shoe molding or baseboards will cover this bumps or nicks but if you wait to paint until after we have completed the project they can clean these marks up with no issue.
  • Staining the wood flooring can be a messy process and stain occasionally gets on the baseboards. We try to tape the door jams to keep them clean but it is not always possible to keep it entirely clean.
  • Sweaty bodies from our employees can mark your walls. Hardwood refinishing is a demanding job and we are moving heavy machinery in and out of your home and there are times that we touch, bump or lean against the walls to get the job done. We hope to never mark the walls but there are times when it is unavoidable. If you have recently painted it will be more noticeable but if you have not it can easily be covered with a new coat of paint.
  • Shoe molding or quarter round is generally removed during the refinishing process. The painter will touch this up and re-caulk the baseboards and shoe molding to really complete the process and transform the look of your home.

These reasons are a great way to get your floor looking beautiful and the walls too!

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What Type of Hardwood Floor Do I Have?

There are a lot of different flooring types out there and it can be hard to figure out what type of flooring you have. We will walk you through the different types of flooring including laminate, solid hardwood and engineered flooring. This guide will help you to figure out what type of flooring you have in your home.

Laminate is a hard surface flooring but is not actually hardwood. It is particle board with a printed image on the surface. Laminate can be a beautiful product but it is not hardwood so it cannot be refinished.




Engineered hardwood flooring is a popular option. It is a widely popular product and was especially popular in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. This wood is technically hardwood so it can be confusing to homeowners who are told they have “hardwood”. It is not always a solid plank and the upper layer of the flooring may be different then the rest of the board. The upper layer can be as thing as 1/8th of an inch. When trying to refinish this type of wood it can be too thin and can actually ruin the flooring.

Solid Hardwood is truly a solid hardwood plank. It can be sanded and stained anywhere from 2-6 times throughout the life of the floor. Floors from decades ago and even centuries ago can be resanded and brought back to life.



If you want to identify what flooring you have you can check your air vent. Pulling the cover off and inspecting that plank allows you to see what kind of wood you have. When you look at the plank you will either see a solid plank, layers of wood, or a thin plastic layer. Doing this when you are buying a home is a great way to ensure you know exactly what you are getting. This can also help you save time instead of having a company come out to tell you that your flooring is not refinishable.

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Does Hardwood Add Value to Your Home?

Hardwood flooring is a popular addition to a home and a lot of people wonder if it is worth the investment. There is not a lot of hard data to show that hardwood flooring yields a greater resale value for your home but there are some studies that suggest the idea. There are no hard facts or numbers about increasing your resale value but there are a lot of reasons people believe that there is resale benefits to having hardwood.

One of the ways hardwood may increase your resale value is because of the better aesthetic value. Hardwood is a beautiful floor covering and can really add visual appeal to your home. The increase in aesthetic value isn’t necessarily measurable. Depending on the area you live different woods may have more appeal than others. Also stains and plank size may play a role in the appeal of the flooring.

It is challenging to identify if flooring itself actually increase the resale value. Resale values of homes are inherently fickle and because of the fluid nature of selling prices of homes its hard to get definite numbers about flooring. Depending on the phase of the housing market the selling points constantly change. The counter tops, yard, pool, or other factor may be the current “selling point” at any given time.

The National Wood Flooring Association has said that real estate agents believe that homes with hardwood flooring are easier to sell, sell for more and sell faster. USA Today also had a study using National Association of Realtors data that said 54% of home buyers are willing to spend more on wood flooring.

There are a lot of factors that affect the selling price of a home and hardwood flooring may help sell your home quicker and for higher pricing.

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